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Experience ResPet Colorado

a safe place for pets whose parents are in crisis.

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Noun / re-spite

An interval of rest or relief


how we began 


ResPet was dreamt up in 2017 by animal welfare advocate and therapist Amanda Lomena. ResPet was born when she worked on the Colorado Crisis Line and Lifeline, a suicide prevention line. During this time she noticed that for many individuals who called in, the only thing keeping them from the completion of a suicide was a beloved pet. Their pets gave them a reason to live despite the hopelessness they lived with every day. Further, because of this immense devotion to their pets, many would not seek the mental health assistance, drug treatment,  or domestic violence services they desperately needed for fear of their pet being alone, their pet  being hurt or killed by their abuser, not having anyone to help, and bringing their pet to a shelter was not an option. ResPet aims to remedy this challenge by addressing the needs of the animal as well as the owner.

Want to help?


As we build as an organization, our need for support from the community grows. Many of the animals we foster have complex medical needs and their cost can be prohibitive for their owners. One great way to be make a difference in the life of a pet is to contribute to our GoFundMe, where we can ensure the right resources get to the right animal at the right time.

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