Meet Buddy(2 y/o) and Sophia(6 y/o), a sweet mother and son bonded pair. They are dachshunds that came to ResPet for a 2 week stay while their family was in crisis. That was 6 months ago. Sophia and Buddy did love their original family and struggled being away from them. Despite promises to come and get these two, they never came back so  Buddy and Sophia need a permanent home.  These two have been through a lot and for this reason we are hoping for a very patient  adopter who understands they have been traumatized due to abandonment. They do not do well with other dogs or cats but they are getting better with socialization thanks to their current foster. They  would do best with a person who does not necessarily go on a lot of  walks but who has a backyard because they love to chase each other to their (and your) heart's delight.  They are smart and can jump very   high despite their small stature. This means that if you leave your home they would need to be crated. They are escape artists and  can get into things like trash/on the counter/chew.We have reason to believe they were given very little food and possibly starved likely because of financial issues. If you are home, they are very happy, well behaved, social and nothing makes them happier than cuddling with you. Sophia and Buddy are sweet and comical to watch together. We are hoping to adopt them together as Sophia howls and is despondent when her son is separated from her. These two are NOT lost causes, and with their intelligence and some stability, they will be top notch pups for you.                                                                                                                                                                                           


 Interested? Please contact Natalia at:

Update on Barney!

Barney found his forever home with a wonderful family in New Mexico.The family met him in person and could not resist his charms. Thank you heaps to Natalia from Colorado Animal Care Foundation for helping him find a soft place to land after having to be separated from his original owner. Barney is doing very well with his doggie brother, Cooper. We are told they are fast friends!


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